Best TDS Meters In India For Drinking Water – TDS meter is a convenient water testing tool that helps to determine whether you are consuming safe drinking water or not.

In this following write-up, we will cover the basics of TDS meters, and also elaborate on how these testing tools work and the need of buying the best TDS meter in India for drinking water.

Most importantly, we will guide you to look for the top 10 best TDS meters, so you can accordingly check the quality of water at your residence or office. 

Best TDS Meters In India For Drinking Water 2022

#01. Generic Digital LCD TDS Meter Waterfilter Tester To Measure TEMP/ TDS3/ PPM


Generic Digital LCD TDS Meter comes at a very affordable price-point and so reviews good as well as recommended among purchasers. This TDS tester is made of plastic, and it is quite portable and lightweight as well. It’s used to check the purity of water, along with a micron rating of 0.3 as well as its filter material is polypropylene. This latest tester is commonly used to measure the levels of TDS of water purifiers as well as pools and spas.  

Generic Digital LCD TDS Meter even comes with an integrated thermometer, and so you can measure the temperature of the water as well. This TDS meter is offered in a good quality of case, which support to protect it against the impact of damages. This TDS tester’s size is extremely compact, which enables to carry it in your pocket. It’s featured with only 6.6-inches of volume, and considered as a good pick.   


  • TDS meter
  • Good
  • Value for money


  • Helpfull
  • Good TDS meter however, manual isn’t clear how to use it



#02. Ionix B07PFK48CT Waterproof TDS Meter With Carry Case



Ionix B07PFK48CT Waterproof TDS Meter is one of the best TDS meters in India for drinking water safely, which prioritized accuracy and reliability over everything else. This advanced meter ensures every customer with ultimate surety of the quality of water you are consuming regularly. Its best aspect is its user-oriented mechanism, and so you can apply it without any stress. This TDS tester is equally recommended if you aren’t ready to invest much, although wanted to enjoy maximum advantages. 

Ionix B07PFK48CT Digital TDS Meter is aesthetic and comes with a very stylish appearance, paired with an expensive pouch to store and carrying the top-rated TDS tester. This meter also runs on charge, which ensures your every reason to stay overwhelmed. However, it isn’t waterproof, and so you need to ensure proper maintenance to get accurate results. This easy-to-use meter is also worthy of money, and always shows accurate results of the quality of drinking water.  


  • Accurate and Excellent
  • Very good product
  • Water water everywhere not a drop to drink
  • Quality is nice


  • Not as shown in picture



#03. HM Digital AP-! Aqua Pro Water Quality Tester (TDS Meter)



HM Digital AP-! Aqua Pro Water Quality Tester comes with an easy-to-read screen, which clearly indicates about the quality of water indoors and outdoors. This portable meter is one of its kind and available at quite an economical price range. This TDS tester ensures offering accurate and reliable results with its superior quality mechanism. HM Digital AP-1 is one of the basic reasons it got rated as customer’s most-preferred TDS tester. 

Here’s what it comprises 

  • Water-Resistance Capacity,
  • Low Battery Indicator,
  • Auto-Off Function, 
  • Data-Holding Function;

Hence, it is a good quality and stylish appearing meter to check the quality of water. HM Digital AP-! Aqua Pro Water Quality Tester is superb useful for individuals, who are much conscious about the quality of their drinking water. This TDS tester is sturdy, consistent, ad everything you need it to be worthy of purchase


  • Its good to check the aqua guard water before using
  • Five Stars


  • Waste of money Amazon is not responding at all



#04. Generic New Digital TDS-3 Water Quality Tester With Automatic Temperature Calibration



Generic New Digital TDS-3 Water Quality Tester is a portable meter, which offers you precise measures of salt concentrations. This TDS tester helps to determine the performance of filters and water purifiers to ensure whether your water is safe for drinking or not. This advanced water quality meter comes with replaceable batteries, which is quite a unique option when compared to other meters available in the market. And so, you can save maximum costs and efforts by simply replacing the batteries. The built-in thermometer offer you accurate temperature readings and its quite portable in size as well. 

This TDS tester holds function to enable you saving its measure, and it’s commonly used in pools, purifiers, spas, and aquariums. However, it is quite affordable in pricing although may’ve shorter lifespan, which completely rely upon your usage of its. Hence, Generic New Digital TDS-3 Water Quality Tester is one of the best TDS meters in India for drinking water considering its efficient performance. 


  • TDS water tester
  • Well pleased
  • Accurate readings


  • Didn’t do the job properly!



#05. Yuv’S Digital TDS Meter With Temperature & Water Quality Measurement



Yuv’S Digital TDS Meter is quite a reasonable option offering excellent job of determining the quality of water. This digital TDS tester comes with an auto shutoff mechanism, and ensures offering reliable results to users. Its immediate results will enable you save minutes without compromising on accuracy and reviewed great amongst customers. This top-notch TDS tester is worthy purchasing, although doesn’t come with an instruction.

The battery-saving option is an imperative choice with water quality checkers, which measures everything with good accuracy and recommended to use in water purifiers. One thing that the brand should look for this TDS tester is the loose cap, which might cause interruption to the processor. Therefore, with a sharp cap and proper instructions, it can get a position among the top-rated TDS testers for drinking water-quality checker. This water checking meter is even available at quite an economical price in the market. 


  • Used TDS
  • Easy to use


  • Didnot work properly as showed different readings each time, had to return



#06. Konvio Neer Imported Digital LDC TDS Meter For RO Water Purifiers



Konvio Neer Imported Digital LDC TDS Meter comes with an outstanding manufacturing quality, which can accurately check your purifier’s quality of water served. It doesn’t matter whether your water purifier is correctly working or not, you can easily evaluate your supplied water’s quality with its advanced mechanism. This TDS tester is also packed with required guidelines to use it effectively. To evaluate your purifier’s water quality with it, you need to remove its plastic cap to get accurate results. 

This digital TDS tester is quite compact in size, and equipped with an elegant looking design to fit the choice of today’s buyers. Furthermore, it’s suitable to use for the long-term for different kinds of water purifying measures. This multi-purpose meter is made of premium-grade and is a perfect one in regards of size and pricing. 


  • Easy and Accurate
  • Good and useful product
  • Perfect Meter


  • Product is defective and readings are not clear



#07. GLUN Pre-Calibrated Pen Type Digital LCD TDS Meter 



GLUN Pre-Calibrated Pen Type Digital LCD TDS Meter is quite stylish and considered as a worthy investment whenever you are purchasing a water quality evaluator. This digital TDS tester looking like a pen and its meter is ranging from 0 to 990 PPM. And also, it comes with a standard integrated quality meter to check quality of water. In order to determine the TDS level of water, you are recommended to put its tip of 4-inches in water, which you want to evaluate the quality. 

However, it isn’t meant with any type of built-in thermometer to determine the temperature of water. This digital TDS tester is made of outstanding quality along with excellent contrast to view clear readings. This compact size water quality checker is even very average at price point, and commonly available in the market.  


  • Glun TDS meter
  • Good in this price, accurate
  • Good working gadget


  • Inaccurate readings



#08Wellon Pocket Digital LCD TDS Meter With Carry Case



Wellon Pocket Digital LCD TDS Meter is one of the best TDS meters in India for drinking water checker. This budget-friendly TDS tester featured everything you can ever expect for the top-rated meters. This digital TDS tester offers almost instant and accurate result about the quality of water, and suitable for determining the functioning of the filters. This water evaluating meter is indeed waterproof, which makes it quite safe-to-use along with auto shut-off mechanism. Hence, with exact results you can remain at ease, and also remain certain as you are consuming pure and safe water. 

However, its results are accurate to plus/minus 2% ppm. At this pocket-saving price, it’s actually not possible to get a meter as effective as Wellon Pocket Digital LCD TDS Meter with a carrying case. 


  • Works perfectly as expected!
  • Best in this price
  • Its counterfeit product, not recommended
  • Good product and seemingly well calibrated


  • Poor quality



#09. Maxbell Mi Digital Drinking Water Purity Quality Tester Kit Pen (TDS Meter)



Maxbell Mi Digital TDS Meter is a stylish-appearing water purity quality checker, which is quite simple using and offers accurate results. This extreme precision anti-rust and anti-corrosion metal instrument assists to evaluate the purity of water by just putting the purity checker in water. This TDS tester easily reacts to organic compounds, and content soluble salt to offer instant and reliable results. 

Maxbell Mi Digital TDS Meter helps to determine the temperature of water, which ranges from 0 to 80 degress, and the TDS level range upto 990 PPM. This is one of the top-rated TDS tester that’s comparatively priced economical to serve the buying needs of professionals. 


  • Easy to use
  • Impressive accuracy
  • Costly. If you have time import it yourself


  • Product received without battery. I spent extra money for battery



#10. Nexqua Dew Digital LCD TDS Meter With Carrying Case



Nexqua Dew Digital LCD TDS Meter helps to determine the temperature of water, and ensure whether it’s safe consuming or not. You don’t need to stress regarding the hardness of water as the pH of water along with the TDS level is evaluated accurately. This TDS tester is packed with a cover to keep it protected against damages. There’s even no restriction on the source of water, which are used for testing the TDS levels. 

Furthermore, with such an advanced mechanism, you can check the water quality from the aquarium to keep it safe for the health of fishes. It’s an easy-to-use meter, and no complicated operations are required. However, its style isn’t much satisfactory, and also you are advice not to immerse it completely to ensure its longer lifespan. 


  • Very handy
  • Accurate and easy to use
  • Quite nicely priced. Go for it


  • Poor quality product


This portal appliance assists to measure “Total Dissolved Solids” in water, or simply called “TDS Meter”. The amount of dissolved compound helps to determine the overall quality of water and clarify whether it’s safe consumable or not. In some parts of the country, water contains higher TDS levels than in other parts, which isn’t safe for drinking purposes. That’s why water isn’t always safe to consume in every part of the country. 

Therefore, by buying the best TDS meter in India for drinking water, you can easily understand whether your residence’s water quality is up to standards or not recommended for drinking. Digital TDS testers are accurate to plus/minus two percent, and so purchasing it’s imperative if you are using a purifier and not ready to change it at the earliest. 

Buyer’s Guide of TDS Meter: Things To Look For While Buying Digital TDS Sensors?

The following are some notable points to consider while buying the best TDS meters in India for drinking water of 2021 –

  • Updated Technology: The recent advancement is a microprocessor one, which ensures user can get reliable and accurate results of TDS levels. The electrical conductivity measurements can also evaluate existence of electrolytes.  
  • Purpose of Use (Multi/ Single Usage): Several types of TDS meters are available in the market currently, which offers single-purpose or multi-purpose use. And so, make sure to choose the right one as per your usage options. 
  • Customer Ratings & Reviews: That’s important to check out any product’s customer reviews and ratings online ahead of purchasing it. If any miter company isn’t mentioning ppm ratings or micron ratings with its product, you are suggested not to purchase it wasting your money. 
  • Cost of TDS Meters: This is a major choosing point to look for buying the best TDS meter in India for drinking water checking. The majority of mid-range meters work right as premium-grade products. Take your investment into consideration while planning to purchase the top-rated TDS maters. 
  • Additional Features: Looking for extra options in any product will regard you as a smart purchaser. Let’s hope you will act similarly while planning to purchase the best TDS meters for drinking water. There are several companies available in the market, which are offering various sorts of addition featured for buying TDS meters. That’s a good idea to choose a meter offering ample of options at cost-effective rates. 


Digital TDS testers are portable to check whether your water purifier is working right to offer your safe consumable water or not. It also ensures your consumable water is safest, and considering its efficiency as anyone can use it smartly.

This testing tool helps to determine the life-space of your water purifier, and so you can evaluate upcoming changes or replacement accordingly. Now, if you want to learn details of TDS testers, then you can simply write to us in the comment section today!

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