Best Washing Powders (Detergent) In India 2022  – Laundry detergents or washing powders are used in cleaning of clothes, which are applied into items to remove rough stains and offer sparkling clean. There are several companies selling washing powders with great success nowadays. That’s why it isn’t a simple work to choose the best washing powders in India

Best Washing Powders (Detergent) In India 2022

#01. Surf Excel Matic   



Surf Excel is one of the best laundry detergent brands in India. In 1948, Surf Excel has launched their detergent in Pakistan, and then brought it to India in the year 1059. Now, Surf Excel has replaced its original powder and came-up with a wide range of washing powders. And also, most people still calls washing powders as “surf”. Therefore, Surf Excel Matic is one of the best washing powders in India brands. 

Owned by Hindustan Unilever Limited, Surf Excel Matic is a premium-standard washing machine powder, which is quite a success in removing stubborn stains off clothes. It’s not only safe to use is washing machines, and also if you want to clean your clothes by hands. Surf Excel Matic has further made new grounds in the washing powder industry in India. This finest quality washing powder is made with ‘x-tra’ clean particles to remove the most stubborn stains of food, mud, and more. 

Furthermore, Surf Excel Matic has lemon for bleaching clothes without vanishing its original colors. And so, multi-stain remove would explain it well as an excellent choice to pour in you washing machine. Both front-load & top-load washing machine need more soap suds, and so it’s suitable as a standard washing powder. There are also two options of Surf Excel Matic detergents for front-loading & top-loading washing machines. The laundry detergent for top-loading & front-loading washing machine comes with more suds and minimum suds respectively. 


  • Best detergent


  • You can’t beat Surf for cleaning


#02. Ariel Mattic



Ariel Mattic is even one of the best washing powders in India that launched during the 1990s. Though it wasn’t economical after its immediate unveil, and gradually grown up as a great competitor of Surf. The rivalry is apparent even now and so introduced a wide range of washing powders to compete. Recently, Ariel has launched several variants of washing powders, which include – Ariel 24 hour’s fresh & Ariel Mattic

The demand for Ariel Mattic has been high like Surf Excel Mattic because most people are using washing machines to easily clean clothes. Furthermore, Ariel is continuously producing aromatic washing powders and bleach free detergents. And also, it makes its variant in relation with the needs of user. Ariel Super Soaker has been launched to cater cleaning needs of families with moderate income. 


  • Better than Tide pods
  • Smells amazing
  • Smells extremely good, washes great


  • Not worth the money!


#03. Wheel


HLL has entered our country in 1957, Surf Excel was the market leader of laundry detergents for long times. Nirma Chemicals was initiated in 1969 to become the leading detergent manufacturer in India. In 1988, Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) has launched Wheel to overrule the existing washing powder’s market. In early 2000’s, Wheel beats Nirma detergent to take the first hold in India. 

Wheel detergent is a cost-effective washing powder with standard-quality to offer cleaning of soiled clothes. To highly compete with other washing powder manufacturers and it also grow as a prime rival of Nirma. The purchasing number of Wheel detergent is high due to its lesser price tag. And also, its washing powder is available in various aromas, such as – orange, jasmine, rose, and others. Therefore, Wheel detergent is made of balanced composition, economical pricing, and extended shelf life. 


  • Good washing powder
  • Price


  • Original price of active wheel surf is Rs 53 per kg not 120 per kg.120 is not the actual price


#04. Tide Plus



Tide Plus is a premium-quality washing powder available in our country, which offers extreme cleanliness of white clothes. This finest laundry detergent dissolves fast in water and generates sufficient suds to ensure sparkling clean of clothes. And also, its superior mixture provides an excellent cleaning job to eliminate rough stains and germs off clothes. Tide Plus further helps to easily remove most stubborn stains, and also gives access to collars and cuffs. This laundry detergent keeps your white clothes scented for long hours and gentle on your skin. 

Tide Plus detergent works equally well in cold and warm water to offer excellent cleaning solution. Its lemon bleach doesn’t contain any effective chemicals, although provides assistance to make your white clothes appear sparkling and new. This laundry detergent is also safe for different fabric and color, and especially used to clean white clothes. The Tide Plus further fights against odors and remove stubborn stains in one wash. Looking for the best washing powders in India? Tide Plus laundry detergent is an excellent match at economical rates. 


  • It’s good
  • Expensive but good
  • Very satisfied


  • Ripped off


#05. Patanjali Herbal Wash



Ramdev Baba’s Patanjali has become a quite popular name in our country, which caters a wide range of products. And also, its washing powder is one such popular consumable goods amongst others, which’s available at economical rates. Patanjali Herbal Wash has blend of herbs to offer perfect cleaning of clothes, and not composite of any reactable chemicals. This laundry detergent does a great cleaning job, and also is very much gentle on skin so you can enjoy clothes washing on regular schedule. 

Patanjali Herbal Wash has formulated lemon lends that facilitates freshness to last for longer time, and its small neem particles also offers extra protection against germs and virus. This herbal laundry detergent is recommended to eliminate rough stains easily, which include sweat stains, oily stains, and offer protection to your clothes by eliminating odor. And also, you can pour it into your washing machine to clean clothes with sparkling appeal. Therefore, you can use it in all washing machines to clean your stained clothes. 



#06. Purex Mountain Breeze Laundry Detergent




Purex is one of the best laundry detergents in India. That’s ideal for daily cleaning of clothes in an expert way. This staple washing powder is made with stain removing actives to eliminate stubborn stains and intensely clean soiled clothes. This laundry detergent provides enhanced whitening and sparkling to maintain your clothes appear as new and perfectly clean after each wash. Purex Mountain Breeze laundry detergent has boost of Clorox 2 Stain-fighting enzymes to attack the toughest stains. 

This one of the best washing powders in India is also available in several variants, such as – Purex Fresh Lavender Blossom, and Purex Linen & Lillies. Purex laundry detergent further fights tough stains and odors to offer your clothes regular sparkly with a perfect cleaning solution. Enjoy a scent of spring year-round with its powerful washing powder available at cost-effective rates. Purex Mountain Breeze laundry detergent is commonly recommended whenever you are in search of premium-quality washing machine powders. 


  • Best value for your money, and great at cleaning laundry
  • Good economical product.
  • Works well


  • Purex detergent in a Pod


#07. OxiClean Versatile Stain Removable Powder




The OxiClean Versatile Stain Removable Powder helps to fight tough dirt, persistent spots and set-in stains with an easy water-activated wash. This top-notch laundry detergent also works well with regular washing powders to get your clothes extra clean. It further works right on carpets, soft covers, upholstery, and almost any surface in your space (residential/ commercial space. This versatile stain remove is made of Chlorine-free formula to offer a perfect cleaning job without vanishing the color of your clothes. Its bubbling formula helps to break down hard stains and smartly eliminate rough stains to enjoy great washing. 

OxiClean Versatile Stain Removable Powder doesn’t contain any impactful chemicals, which makes it safe to use on colors and pour on washing machines as well. This laundry detergent is extremely effective at removing stubborn stains when clothes are pre-soaked in warm water ahead of a complete wash cycle. OxiClean also offers a wide range of washing products to suit all your stain removal needs today!


  • Great for cleaning brickwork
  • Great Smelling Stain and Odor remover, also works for Kitchen Cleaning
  • Fair


  • Removes bright pink stains


#08. Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent




Seventh Generation laundry detergent is made of powerful quadruple-enzyme to smartly eliminate rough stains and offers a perfect cleaning job to your soiled clothes. This laundry detergent dissolves faster into water, and also in standard washing machines to offers a safe wash/ cleaning solution. Its free-hypoallergenic washing powder is recommended to sensitive skin, with no artificial-scent or chemicals used to ensure sparking clean. This USDA Certified bio-based detergent that’s 94% made of plant-based ingredients. 

This best laundry detergent helps to fight tough stains, and it is also a plant-extracted enzyme stain removers to manage several mess while whitening and anti-graying enzymes support to keep your clothes bright. Seventh Generation laundry detergent further helps to remove stains of grass, chocolate, mud, wine, ketchup, and other stubborn stains. This brand has been thoughtfully formulating safe and effective plant-oriented products, especially washing powders, since years to generate clients. If you are in search of the best washing powders in India, Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent is an ideal pick. 


  • Great for everyday, not on stains
  • Free and clear is amazing


  • The pod does not disolve


#09. All Powder Laundry Detergent




All Powder Laundry Detergent is an obvious choice whenever it comes to choosing the right washing powders. This hypoallergenic laundry detergent is safe for the family, and commonly recommended brand by dermatologists, allergists, and pediatricians for sensitive skin. This washing power is complete free of dyes and perfumes, although can offer excellent cleaning job in just a single wash. This laundry detergent further helps to fight tough stains, and will work gentle on your skin. 

This fragrance free laundry detergent is also safe to apply in any washing machine, and also you can use it to clean your personal clothes. This pack of All Powder Laundry Detergent features 52-ounce tub that can support upto 40 loads. Hence, this laundry detergent will effectively clean your clothes and remove stubborn stains, and its cardboard sheet is also recyclable to ensure environmental welfare.


  • Great for cloth nappies. Also, read my review for proper scoop measurements!!!
  • Missing Scoops!
  • Glad Amazon carries this!


  • Really does help sensitive skin—and eliminates plastic


#10. Rin Advanced Detergent Powder



Rin laundry detergent was introduced in 1969 that’s targeted for middle-class families in India. This laundry detergent offers premium-grade cleaning at quite an economical pricing, and highly recommended for those with limited budget. Rin Advanced laundry detergents bright cleaning mechanism will assist you to remove stubborn stains in just a single wash. It further has a refreshing scent of rose to offer an artificial odor to your cleaned clothes. This washing power perfectly suits your white as well as colored clothes. 

And so, you no need to rub much after applying it on your clothes to ensure shinning. You can simply use such an excellent washing powder on your inner garments, school uniforms, official wear, party wear, and other clothes to enjoy a gentle cleaning solution. This one of the best washing powders in India is also ideal for bucket load and machine wash, because Rin works equally well to offer you the brightest results. 


  • Very good deal


  • Not upto the mark


Best Washing Powders (Detergent) In India 2022 – Buyers Guide

It’s important to wear clean clothes always, which is connected with your physical and mental vigor. India has ranked second amongst populated countries, and reported a massive purchasing of consumer goods, which include washing powders, grocery items, and others. And there’re brands catering to this demand. But, is the credit of wearing clean clothes that of the laundry boy or washing powder used? The simple answer is a premium-grade washing power, contributes more to it. 

Most people are still not comfortable with the right use of washing machine, as yet not accustomed with the correct amount of washing powder to pour in a single wash. And also, excess use of washing powder isn’t recommended to clean clothes. The amount of washing powder to pour actually relies upon the number of clothes you need to clean, and also what amount of stubborn stains it needs to remove. The proper washing of clothes also needs right sequences and settings. However, if you want to clean your own without a washing machine, you are recommended to choose the best washing powders in India today!

Hence, it is extremely important to understand the right usage of washing powders, and amount you need to apply in a single wash. That’s important to choose a washing powder of reputed manufacturer nowadays to clean your clothes. India has a vast popular, and people comes with individual choice of laundry detergents. 


That’s a completed list of top 10 best laundry detergents. And so, we’ve enlisted a variety of washing powders available in online/ offline markets, which you can pick accordingly. 

In case you are in search of washing powders to clean your toddler’s clothes, you can simply mention-to-us in the comment section. For toddler clothes or wearable items, you need to ensure a gentle wash, and so need more advanced and premium quality washing powders. 

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